20 Years of Visual Freedom with the Visian ICL

Dr. Tobias Neuhann of Germany

Explore a refractive surgeon's experience with Visian ICL in a patient's eyes after 20 years. Dr. Tobias Neuhann of Germany shares his case study.

Immediate Sequential Bilateral EVO Surgery - The Medipolis Protocol

Dr. Erik Mertens of Belgium

Explore the EVOlution of one surgeon’s protocol for performing EVO ICL, focusing particularly on the rationale for and experiences of, performing immediate sequential bilateral surgery with the EVO Visian ICL. The Webinar covers balanced discussion for this protocol, prevention of potential complications which could arise and supporting evidence, from a thriving practice, on how this protocol performs in the real world. ​​​​​​​Dr. Erik Mertens shares his expert experience.

Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment Risk For RLE vs EVO Visian ICL

Dr. Frank Kerkhoff of The Netherlands

Dr. Frank Kerkhoff  takes a deep dive into his experience of performing refractive lens exchange versus phakic IOL implantation. He speaks about various factors affecting the occurrence of RRD and balances the comparison of risk between EVO Visian ICL implantation, cataract surgery and RLE; from the rather unique perspective of a surgeon who specialises in cataract, refractive and retinal surgery. 

Key Clinical Drivers: EVO Visian ICL Indications in Myopia       < -6.0 D

Dr. Barbara Leyssens of The Netherlands

Dr. Barbara Leyssens explores a refractive surgery practice from the point of view of avoiding a choice paralysis and optimising the decision making process, for clinicians and patients alike. She shares how their clinic effectively grew its refractive surgery business with EVO Visian ICL, whilst also increasing laser vision correction procedures

The EVOlution of Consumer to Patient

This session explores the transformational changes that have taken place within two surgeons' practices enabling them to continually engage with their patients in innovative ways throughout the pandemic and beyond. They highlight the importance of prioritizing premium refractive surgery like EVO ICL to sustain good financial health of practices. 

Dr. Rahil Chaudhary of India

Dr. Francesco Carones of Italy

Effective Patient Consulting in the "New Normal"

This session focuses on the ways in which patient consultations have evolved since Covid-19 and whether or not these changes will have long lasting impact on patient visits in the future.

Dr. Ananda Castãno Manotas of Spain

Dr. Anna Sasse of Germany

Maximizing The Patient Experience Through Surgical Efficiency & Safety

This session focuses on how Dr. Ernesto Alonso Juárez and Dr. Martin Bechmann have optimized EVO ICL surgical efficiency over the years and how Covid-19 may impact these optimizations going forward.

Dr. Ernesto Alonso Juárez of Spain

Dr. Martin Bechmann of Germany

From Patient to Influencer - Harnessing the Power of Happy Patients

This session focuses on how Dr. Andrea Russo and Dr. Joaquín Fernández Pérez have leveraged their happy patients' positive results in their clinics.

Dr. Andrea Russo of Italy

Dr.  Joaquín Fernández Pérez of Spain

Enter The EVO Zone -
A Business Growth Model with a Dedicated ICL Unit

Dr. WANG Zheng of China

Dr. WANG Zheng will share how Aier Eye Hospital Group (Guangdong Province) created a unit dedicated to EVO ICL and the impact it has had on business, efficiency and workflow. He will discuss how any clinic, regardless of size, can implement small changes that will have a big impact.

Wow! A Refractive Clinic without lasers!

Dr. XIE Bing of China

Dr. XIE Bing will take viewers through their journey of setting up a clinic dedicated exclusively to EVO ICL, the first of its kind in the world. Join us to learn how they created a successful refractive clinic without a laser and why they feel this premium EVO ICL Center, WOW Vision Clinic, is the future in refractive surgery. 

A Paradigm Shift in Refractive Surgery

Dr. Yoshihiro Kitazawa of Japan

Dr. Yoshihiro Kitazawa of Japan will tell his story about his refractive surgery journey through multiple technologies which led him to open his EVO ICL Only clinic in the heart of Tokyo.

The Feel Good Journey: Pointers for Creating an Exceptional Patient Experience

Dr. Amir Parasta of Germany

Dr. Amir Parasta of Germany will take viewers through the steps involved in creating a feel-good patient journey and will provide practice enhancing pointers that can elevate the overall patient experience bringing value to your patients. 

Same-Day EVO ICL Surgery and B&VIIT Clinic's Unique Approach to Increased Surgical Volume

Dr. Ik-hee Ryu of South Korea

Dr. Ik-hee Ryu of South Korea will share how the 'Same-Day EVO ICL Surgery' concept has driven refractive surgical volumes in their clinic. He will also provide key insights into increasing and maintaining his ICL surgical volume utilizing social media marketing campaigns and AI driven data.